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Welcome to EmeraldDream

Welcome, to the home of EmeraldDream, on WoW-Eu Burning Legion - Alliance.

EmeraldDream has Disbanded!

After creating the guild approximately 2 months ago, and been raiding for alittle more than one month, we killed one of the biggest threats to all life in Azeroth:

The Lich King!
**scroll down for our killshot**

So. The Lich King is dead, and the world is safe (until the next raid reset, hehe)!
What now then?? I know! -Time for heroic modes :)

Most ppl had never been to ICC before they joined EmeraldDream, and almost everyone was very low on gear. Clearly we started raiding ICC a long time after most other guilds, but I am very satisfied with the amount of progress we got in just over a month! Great job guys :)

Scoll down to see info on the guild and how to make an application.

Guild News
Other Guild News

ICC10 man, The Lich King is down!

Droda_EmeraldDream, Jul 25, 10 4:28 AM.
We finally got to kill the Lich King, we were close a few times but as soon as we got used to the mechanics of the fight its was a piece of cake! Gj guys :) Time to do some hc's!

(This is a re-sized image, hence the low quality, the original screenshot can be found in the gallery to the right)

Guild info, and how to apply

Droda_EmeraldDream, Jul 1, 10 7:45 PM.
EmeraldDream is an international, english-speaking, active, progressive PVE guild, which was created in the beginning of June. Feel free to take a look in our Forum for our Guild Rules and other things our members might post! We have posted raid tactics in the forum that our members have access to, so that we all use the same source of info for raids to come!

We are currently raiding ICC10man, normal and HC. But we are recruiting ppl so that we very soon, can actively raid ICC25 instead, and occasionally have 2x ICC10man raids going at the same time.

Guild Rules are posted in the Guild Rules and Applications forum. And anybody curious on applying to the guild should read the guild rules before posting an application. So as to see that you feel comfortable with our rules and raiding times.

Applications for joining our guild shall be done in the Guild Rules and Applications forum, where you also will be able to find application rules. Please also check our Guild Rules before applying, we want all our applicants to be aware of the rules of the guild before applying. Also, before applying you must check the Application Rules. Applications missing some of the info we request in the "Application rules" topic, will be declined.

How to join the site and make an Application topic: Click "Join" (under the 'ED' logo on top of the website) and create an account on the website, then go the Guild Rules and Applications forum. Mark and copy the text inside the Applications Rules. Click 'Add Topic' (just above the current topics, in the "Guild Rules and App." forum) and fill out your application! And we will answer you application as soon as possible.
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